Peter Ronhovde


Symmetric Solid Noise examples

Our test image use an 800x600 pixel RGB image in RGB color mode. Persistence is fixed at ½ here, and we apply the same random seed in all images in order to illustrate how the different effects modify the same texture. Click on any image to view a larger version on the right.

These images are symmetric in Horizontal and vertical Structure sizes with a range of Detail levels (i.e., summed Octaves). Adobe Photoshop’s Clouds filter targets the higher Detail features at the top-right of the table. Other results here examples include sponge-like patterns and other mottled patterns, which are useful for a variety of effects.

One can approximate Solid Noise's diffuse patterns toward the top-left by blurring Photoshop’s Clouds filter, but Solid Noise yields results without subsequent Filter or Levels adjustments and with less work. Further, adding texture detail and then blurring it is not the same as a direct application of a corresponding lower detail texture.

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Images of the Sun are from NASA archives.