Peter Ronhovde


Solid Noise Difference examples

Our test images use an 800x600 pixel image in RGB color mode. Persistence is fixed at ½ here, and we apply the same random seed in the first three tables in order to illustrate how the different effects modify the same texture. Click on any image to view a larger version on the right.

Lightning effects here begin with an inverted Liquid Distortion (or Difference mode on white). The lightning in the top-right image is enhanced (from the one on its left) using a straight levels adjustments to the inverted Liquid texture. Repeated Difference Clouds applications in Photoshop can also generate textures hinting at a similar effect, but the Liquid distortion yields clear and vibrant results.

The other images use a variety of repeated difference mode applications at different settings. At least one application of Liquid Distortion often brings out some interesting textures. Interestingly, the bottom-right image applies the Turbulent Distortion several times, which reveals the square lattice used to generate the noise via Ken Perlin’s procedural noise algorithm.



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Images of the Sun are from NASA archives.