Peter Ronhovde


Asymmetric Solid Noise examples

Our test image use an 800x600 pixel image in RGB color mode. Persistence is fixed at ½ here, and we apply the same random seed in the first three tables in order to illustrate how the different effects modify the same texture. Click on any image to view a larger version on the right.

These images present additional effects that are possible with Solid Noise when using asymmetric Structure sizes. As seen in the first rows, wavy effects appear when the Structures have moderate, but different, sizes. In the following rows, strongly asymmetric Structure sizes create reed- or fiber-like texture effects. For reeds, we imagine a smoother texture, but increasing levels of detail roughens the pattern, making it appear even more like certain natural fibers. Some of these effects are similar to Adobe Photoshop’s Fibers filter.

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Images of the Sun are from NASA archives.